Grow or stagnate, act or react; the choice is in your organizational thinking.

Sharpen your focus and you’ll see a brighter future


It’s great having the best people working together in the most efficient and creative way, but daily business pressures, distractions, or changes in the workplace can knock even the best organizations off course. We clarify and realign your organizational path, and work with you to refocus on steps and actions that will keep your business or nonprofit moving toward your goals.

  • Organizational function reviews
  • Team building and strengthening
  • Group facilitation and management
  • Conflict recognition and resolution
  • Strategic planning and thinking
  • Customer-focused teams
  • Community service involvement
  • Family business succession planning
  • Manufacturing management
  • Change and reorganization
  • Facilities management
  • Fiscal leadership
  • Internal controls review
  • Risk assessment
  • Management coaching
  • Nonprofit board and staff retreats
  • Nonprofit start-up and incorporation

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