We provide more than what could be described as typical recruiting services.

Because it takes more than typical efforts to find people of the highest caliber.

Truly successful recruiting requires the kind of end-to-end process that Leap Solutions provides in all of its consulting engagements. On one end is what — what are the requirements for the position in your organization and what type of person will thrive in your organization’s culture.

Our process begins with clarifying and often redefining what the client requires of the best candidate. We locate, interview and test people who qualify for the position.

At the other end, where other recruiting efforts often stop, we do more, because selecting the best person to fill a position requires finding a candidate with more than the skills and experience for the job. We know that personality, attitude, and ethics are qualities that contribute to finding someone who is the right fit for your organization’s culture.

We’re all about the fit. You want someone with the right skills and experience, but you should also want more, you should want someone who can successfully integrate into your team. When the fit is right, the new hire and your organization can thrive.

Doing more isn’t typical, but we’re not typical, and that’s one of the things our clients love and respect about us.

If your organization’s looking for someone who is the right fit, click here to send an email and a member of our team will contact you.

If you’re someone with the education, skills, and experience that will bring a little more to your next career move, click here to go to our Candidate’s page.

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